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posted: Apr 20 2014

Hello everyone, Fronz here! First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of blogs on here. I had intended on writing on here more frequently but I found myself getting caught up & neglecting the blog side of things. From now on, this blog will be my outlet. I will be spewing off anything that’s on my mind right here on this page. Enjoy!

Many people have a preconceived notion about me that I am some unintelligent annoying douchelord of sorts, which couldn’t be further from the truth. While some choose to accept that and look no further into who I am, a lot of you have already seen past that and know that I’m actually quite the contrary- A smart individual that cares about his fans and has good intentions. To understand me, you first have to understand that I have an extremely crude sense of humor & sarcasm. What simple-minded people view as “douchey” is really just the outer levels of my sarcasm as it’s finest. I was an honors student throughout my entire schooling career who had a free college scholarship because of my high GPA (which I turned down because I chose to pursue my dreams). So now you’re probably asking yourself- “Well if he’s so smart then why the fuck does he write lyrics like that?” To be honest, that’s what I enjoy writing! I was never into “deep sentimental lyrics” growing up, in fact, I despised that shit. It was cheesy and unappetizing to the 14 year old me. I was a rebel and I wanted rebellious music to fuel my high school soundtrack. I listened to bands along the likes of Fight Paris growing up, and I absolutely despised the trend of “Christian Metal” that started happening around that same time. It just never made sense to me (it still doesn’t TBH). That is why I write the way I write. I am writing music for the 14 year old me.

If I could give you one piece of advice, all I would need to say is “Books & Bikes”! With people’s lives becoming more and more consumed by computers and technology, we are losing touch with two of the most important things- books & bikes!

While you can still read on the Internet, it’s way too easy to get sidetracked. Go to the book store or library, grab some books, and read them all! Fuck school, just read books! There’s nothing you can’t learn from a book, and the more you read, the smarter you will become. It’s that simple.

When is the last time you went on a long bike ride? If it wasn’t recently, you’re fucking up! I ride my bike every single day, and what I’ve found is that riding your bike is more mentally stimulating than it is physically stimulating! Sure, the exercise is great, but don’t do it just for the exercise, do it for your mental health! Is something weighing down your mind? Are you stressed about some upcoming events in your life? Ride your bike, and watch your worries disappear! Nothing clears your mind like a nice long bike ride, plus it’s a nice break from the world of computers & smart phones that we live in.

That concludes my first blog of many! Please bookmark this page and check back frequently, for this will now be the portal to my brain. Anything I am thinking will probably end up on this page sooner or later.



posted: Mar 05 2014

I’ve got some AMAZING news for you guys! Probably the best news ever…. Seriously. Guess what?!?


Due to some brand new shipping & labeling software in the warehouse, ALL orders will now be shipped out in no longer than 48 hours, and most orders will be sent out in less than 24 hours!!!!! That’s right. Since I started this company in 2011 I made a promise to myself that I would ALWAYS listen to my customers and do whatever it takes to make you happy. I noticed that my number one complaint was never about the clothes itself, but about shipping times. Nobody wants to wait too long to get their clothes, that just sucks. SO, I made an active effort to change things, and I think you guys will all be extremely happy now :)

P.S.- We’ve still got the best prices out of any clothing line out there ;)

Love you guys!



posted: Feb 07 2014

EVERY month, we will be featuring a limited edition $10 shirt of the month!!!! Take advantage of this deal and pick one up while you can. Also, we’ve got tons of new designs going up every couple weeks so keep checking in on the site and grab something new!

This is the February $10 shirt of the month!



posted: Jan 16 2014

We just restocked the entire store, AND we added these badass new items! Keep checking back because we’ve got even more items scheduled for release next week! We’ve been staying very busy recently but we know you will all be very happy with what’s in the works.

<3 Stay Sick


2014 IS HERE

posted: Jan 10 2014

Holidays are finally over, you know what that means? Back to fast shipping times woohooo!!! We’ve hired extra people to make sure you get your Stay Sick orders as fast as possible. ALSO, I’m putting signed postcards in EVERY order this month while supplies last! Make sure you place your orders soon to ensure that you get one.


P.S.- New designs are on the way, keep your eyes peeled!


posted: Dec 26 2013

Merry Christmas from everyone at Stay Sick! We’ve had an amazing day & we hope you have too! It’s been an awesome month & we are so happy to see that lots of you got some new Stay Sick threads from that ole bastard named Santa! Hopefully you’re all stuffing your faces with delicious food and maybe enjoying some tasty alcoholic beverages today.

DON’T FORGET- All Stay Sick winter items are limited edition & will be permanently discontinued after this winter. Now is your last chance to get a hold of some of these gems!

So gather up your Christmas cash & indulge in some fresh new clothes from Stay Sick! Or you can always convince your drunk uncle to get you something since he forgot to get you anything for Christmas hahaha.

Anyways, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL, enjoy the time spent with family and have a happy new year! Here’s to another amazing year for Team Stay Sick!


<3 Stay Sick


posted: Dec 03 2013

Wow, time flies, it’s already December and Christmas is only 22 days away! Have you put Stay Sick on your Christmas list yet? Santa’s elves are going to be EXTRA busy this year making tons of Stay Sick for all you naughty boys & girls ;)

Anyways, we are very excited about all of new winter items we are carrying this year and we are always adding new items to the store as the ideas & designs hit us. We’ve even hired extra employees to improve our shipping times and increase our quality of service. Holidays are always a busy time of year so it’s always best to place your orders sooner than later! Stay Sick makes a perfect gift for friends/boyfriends/girlfriends and all shirts are $13.99 or less, can’t beat that! I’d have to say my favorite pieces from the winter line are definitely our outerwear items & crewnecks though. I know I’ve said it a million times, but our crewnecks are the shit. There is nothing more comfortable to wear than a crewneck in my opinion. Make sure you all visit our store, we are always adding new items: SHOPAHOLICS ANONYMOUS

I hope you all have an amazing holiday season, stay warm out there! On behalf of Stay Sick, we are very excited to provide you all with tons of badass holiday goodies this year!



posted: Nov 25 2013

Hey guys, I just want to let you know about a special contest I’m doing! I am giving away my PS3 to one lucky winner on December 1st. All you have to do to enter is place an order with Tree Life! ALSO- I’m giving 20% off the entire Tree Life store with the code TREELIFE.

Why am I doing this?

I’m doing this because:

A) I love you guys and I’d rather give away my PS3 than sell it and make money.

B) Since I am moving to Florida in 2 weeks, I REALLY need to clear out my Tree Life inventory! I’ve still got a few boxes left and everything must go! So I’m giving you a chance to win my PS3, PLUS a badass 20% discount on the entire store!

Pick up some tree life here & enter to win my Playstation!




posted: Oct 23 2013

As you may or may not already know, our Winter Line is set to drop on Friday, November 8th! We’ve been working hard for the past few months to prepare the winter line and make sure it includes the PERFECT variety of winter items that you will all love. There will be plenty of different outerwear items available no matter what it is you’re into! We are very proud of what we’ve created and we promise you will not be let down! Get your Christmas lists ready, it’s gonna be a good winter ;)



posted: Sep 13 2013

What’s up party people! Fall is here and Winter is approaching fast. Although we are not planning a “fall release”, we ARE going to be releasing a lot of badass new crewnecks as well as a few other new items (beanies cough cough). I know I’ve gone on rants about this before, but crewnecks are literally my FAVORITE item of clothing to wear. Our crewnecks are extremely comfortable and they fit amazing around the neck. They’re the PERFECT item to wear during the fall and even into the winter. If you don’t have any crewnecks I highly suggest you pick some up!

WNTER is going to be huge for Stay Sick this year! We are in the early stages of planning for a big winter release, and you will surely love everything we are working on. Expect LOTS of badass new outerwear options this year. I promise you won’t be let down ;) Release dates will be announced soon!

Love you all,


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