Hello party people, we are Stay Sick Clothing, and we make badass clothes & accessories for badass people like yourself! Stay Sick began as just a dream, a dream that once seemed out of reach. At the time of start we had no money, just a mind full of ideas and a will to succeed no matter what it took. After much determination and hard work, we finally got on our feet, and in early 2011 our very first clothes were released. We started extremely small, but after years of hard work we are now a globally recognized brand. If theres one thing we can tell you from experience, it’s that you shouldn’t get discouraged if you’re not currently where you want to be in life. As long as you have a clear goal and determination, anything is possible! NEVER doubt yourself.

Our logo – the iconic “AnchorDiamond” is a symbol of hope for today’s society, representing the belief that TRUE wealth is staying grounded and level-headed, despite the influence of your surroundings. The world can be harsh at times but you have the power to prevail.

Unlike some brands, we love & back EVERY single item that we release. Typically speaking, most of our designs go into production because they are designs that we want to personally wear. We’re all about serving up top quality clothes at the absolute lowest prices possible, and our goal is to keep you looking fresh no matter what the occasion is! By keeping our prices low, we make it possible for EVERYONE to own a piece of Stay Sick.

Join the takeover and become a part of Team Stay Sick today! We have a huge selection of clothes available to suit all your needs, no matter what the season is!